Flowering Palm Trees

Foxtail Palm

The Foxtail palm, known as Wodyetia bifurcate is native to Australia. This palm has a slender self-cleaning grey trunk which is slightly swollen at the base and pinnate leaves.The Foxtail palm has become quite popular because it is very tolerant and durable.

Mexican Palm

Mexican palm is a tall palm tree with fan-shaped fronds and a tall, slender trunk.It is cold hardy to about 15-18 degrees F and can be grown in zone 8 to 11. Mexican palm, known as Washingtonia robusta, Washington palm have some amazing characteristics including cold hardiness, fast rate of growth, beauty, easy maintenance and salt resistance.

Canary Island Palm

A Canary island palm is a popular landscape item in warm regions around the world. It is native to the Canary islands. This palm makes a list of hardy palm trees.
A Canary island palm is known for unusual diamond design on a trunk and long pinnate fronds.

Flowering Trees

Flowering trees start to produce flowers at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. They create an amazing scenery for various landscapes. They add color and beauty to any landscape. They attract birds and butterflies.They have pink, white and red flowers and produce edible or showy fruits. There are many different flowering species. Japanese cherry is one of the most popular flowering varieties. They produce double flowers.

Flowering Palm Trees

Palm trees usually have insignificant and small flowers. They generally produce unisexual flowers, two sexes on the same palm tree. But palm trees are usually monoecious.The female palms bear fruits.